Call for Papers
All proposals for spoken presentations, posters, symposia, workshops, and demonstrations must be submitted as Abstracts (within 400 words) . Deadline for all proposals is 30th January 2011. Suggested topic areas are as below.
Suggested Topic Areas:
Pitch & Melody
Tonality & Harmony
Rhythm & Time
Music and Memory
Music and Emotion
Music and Language
Music and Culture
Musical Development and Learning
Music & Neuroscience
Music and Health
Music improvisation, composition, and performance
Music and Motion
The Proposal of Presentations are as follows:
1. Spoken papers
Spoken papers, constituting the bulk of the program, will be allocated 30 minutes, consisting of 20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for questions & discussion, and 5 minutes buffer for the next presentation set-up.
2. Poster presentations
Poster presentations will have designated time slots and presentation space assigned in the conference schedule. Depending on the content, it may be more appropriate to submit a proposal as a poster rather than as a 20-minute spoken presentation. In general, poster presentations are more effective when the audience can understand the major points by examining visual presentation of charts and graphs without a sustained chain of verbal argument, or when the author would prefer direct feedback from the visitors. Poster presentations should be readily understood as “stand alone,” even in the absence of the presenter, and without the need for audiovisual support. The presenter must provide equipments specific to the presentation, and the proposal should include a description of such equipments (if applicable) and required facilities (e.g., power requirements). Detailed information about poster dimensions and other specifications will be notified in the acceptance letter.


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Call for Papers

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